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外人 ★ 東京 ★ 2020年
an alternate-universe roleplay set in future metropolitan Japan.
18th-Jan-2008 10:02 pm - claims list.
claimsCollapse )

updated: 2008/03/06 (1314H GMT+8)
18th-Jan-2008 08:47 pm - the game.
gaijin (外人) n. , pl. gaijin . A non-Japanese person. [Japanese : gai , outside, foreign + jin , person]
GAIJIN is an alternate-universe roleplay set in future metropolitan Japan.

basic plot.
The year is 2020, and Japan is one of the world's superpowers. Japan has successfully projected a clean-cut image to the rest of the world, making it an ideal target for immigration. People of all races and nationalities are coming to Japan to take advantage of the numerous employment opportunities and its prosperous economy. It's virtually the best place to live if one wants to have a good life.

At least that's what most people think before they come here. *shot* That's so cheesy.

This roleplay allows muses from the Asian entertainment industry (Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, etc.) as well as other artists from other countries. So, basically, if you've been having fantasies of your Reita (The Gazette) interacting with someone's Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy), you will more likely be able to have that happen here. Furthermore, muses in this roleplay are allowed (and even encouraged!) to deviate from the personalities of their real life counterparts.

tag guide.
  • [mod] __ : mod posts.
  • [claim] nationality of muse : japanese, korean, american, canadian, etc.
  • ic : in character posts.
  • ooc : out of character posts.
Suggestions? Questions? Just get in touch with your trusty mod(s).

aim/e-mail: qiangte[at]aol.com
lj: x_princevaliant

18th-Jan-2008 08:09 pm - rules.
The rules of this game are fairly simple. I'm not a bitchy mod, which makes all of you pretty lucky, I guess. Unless anyone decides to toe the line of the community's rules and regulations, there really won't be any reason for me to bite anyone's head off.

Here are the rules by which all members of this community should abide:
★ Only three characters are allowed per person. No exceptions. Claim your muses wisely.

★ You must be at least fifteen years of age to participate in this game (due to the likeliness of mature situations).

★ Muse journal updates should be done at least once every two weeks. A monthly in-character post in the main RP community journal is also required to show signs of muse activity.

★ Friends lock your journals and all posts within the community.

★ This game is English language-based, but we allow the use of other languages in muse posts as long as you provide a translation.

★ No GODMODDING or POWER-PLAYING. Your muse should not know things that were not made known to them in-character nor should they be able to control other muses' thoughts or actions.

★ I've set this community to having no adult content, meaning all posts on this community should not be of offensive or explicit nature. How far your roleplays over AIM and personal journal posts would go is to your discretion.

★ No unauthorized character deaths. If your muse wants to commit suicide or murder someone, please inform the mods beforehand, and make sure all who are involved have given their consent for any form of death to take place.

★ No OOC drama. Enough said. And please minimize the uberness.

★ If you have problems with anyone in the comm (mun, muse or both), try to sort it out with that person in the most civil, diplomatic way possible. If you feel things will go out of hand, inform the mod(s), and I(we) will try to handle it.

★ This roleplay may be set in an AU in the future, but all muses are still subject to all laws of nature and human restrictions. No one in this roleplay can fly or have super spit. In short: NO MUTANTS. LOL.

★ It's up to you and whoever with whom you're roleplaying which kind of roleplay style you will be using. Paragraph and *action* style are allowed. Not sure if there are other roleplay methods, but those two are our standards.

★ Legal drinking age is 18. :] (Updated 2008/01/21)

★ This RP is AIM-based, meaning all roleplays will take place through AIM. (Updated 2008/01/29)

★ Be active and have fun! Roleplay, write entries, and comment in other people's journals.
Now that you've read the rules (or so I hope), you're most likely ready to make a claim.

how to claim a muse.
Copy, paste and fill out this form on a new FRIENDS LOCKED entry (with the subject "CLAIM") in the community journal.

Tag the claim with:
[claim] nationality of muse*

* japanese, korean, asian, and other (see tag guide in game info)
Remember to check the claims list before making your claim.

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments regarding the rules, feel free to contact me at: qiangte[at]aol.com.

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